Electric Refuse Collection Vehicles

Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of all-electric refuse collection vehicles, most recently implemented in our neighbouring city of Sunderland.

Adopted on a 24-month trial basis the cities council will be monitoring the performance and the service the vehicle can deliver – initially trialling one vehicle, with the potential of purchasing 24 more in the near future.

The vehicle is expected to collect around 20 tonnes of waste daily, massively reduce the carbon emissions emitted through waste collection and decrease noise pollution in residential areas.
Although a costly £423,000, the vehicle will have lower running cost and require less maintenance than the conventional counterpart.
The electric heavy-duty vehicle has an expected life expectancy of 10 years, compared to the 7 years of the predecessor.

Oxford and Coventry are two other cities who have adopted similar schemes so the presence of electric vehicles within our industries is becoming more prevalent.

2030 will introduce the beginning of the UK’s ‘Green industrial revolution’ and will help move our country towards its objective of becoming a world leader in environmentally friendly industries. With investments in off-shore windfarms and carbon-negative infrastructures, the automotive industry will change drastically.
Petrol/Diesel vehicles will no longer be sold, and this is encouraging companies to get ahead of the demand and make their switch early.

Why has VoltSport took an interest in electric bin lorries?

Well, we offer a variety of motors that are perfect for these kinds of projects. Engiro produce a wide range of motors capable of these heavy-duty applications and we would like to demonstrate what this could look like.

Engiro’s 307W range of motors are capable of moving vehicles up to 18 tons. The robust design is highly efficient over a wide speed range and are designed for battery voltages from 550V to 750V.

Hydraulic systems are present throughout these vehicle types and can be achieve with a variety of motors on offer here at VoltSport. Hydraulic systems are something we have a lot of experience with and with our bespoke system design capabilities, we will design a setup that matches the needs of your application perfectly.
Engiro recommend frequently used motors such as the 205W_04192 or 205W_08095 with 30 kW in combination with a sensorless converter.


Doesn’t look like what you had in mind? don’t worry, that’s what we are here for.
We can work closely alongside you on the project – from design to your vehicles first outing.

Our customer care goes beyond the sale and we’ll ensure your electrification project is fulfilled as envisioned.

If you would like to know what this could look like, then fill out our vehicle enquiry form and we can begin discussing the possibilities for your project.