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23 Sep Rolls Royce and YASA - Spirit of Innovation
Walsh David 0 59
Electrifcation takes flightThe ‘Spirit of Innovation’ has taken its maiden voyage – a trial flight of 15 minutes ahead of its scheduled Guinness World Record attempt. The all-electric airplane is a result of the partnership between the renowned jet e..
14 Sep HVLP 10 vs HVLP 20
Walsh David 0 105
HVLP 10 & HVLP 20The HVLP 10 and HVLP 20 – High voltage low power AC motor controllers. They are designed to control 3-phase AC induction motors and permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors in battery and generator power applications.Measured phase currents..
19 Aug Canal Boat Kits - Crick Boat Show
Walsh David 0 97
Crick Boat Show 2021 – Britain’s biggest inland waterway festival will be showcasing canal boats, exhibitors, and seminars from 20th Aug – 22nd Aug.VoltSport, alongside some friends at The Floating Ohm will have some information regarding our electri..
27 Jul Mercedes-Benz acquire YASA
Walsh David 0 269
YASA has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz – The brands have worked together since 2019 and this acquisition highlights Mercedes commitment to electric motors.Continuing to work from their HQ and production facility in Oxford, UK ..
22 Jul The future of Marine propulsion
Walsh David 0 146
UK LawsSignificant changes in UK laws have taken steps to reduce red diesel as a fuel for the propulsion of private marine pleasure-crafts. Currently, red diesel is still available for private marine pleasure crafts if the fuel suppliers are paid the..
08 Jul Sevcon | Gen5 Size9 Motor Controller
Walsh David 0 122
Sevcon’s Gen5 Size9 is a highly adaptable solution for PMAC and induction motor control applications. This compact design can be integrated into the most challenging installations.The motor controller is capable of running up to 400V input and can pr..
14 Jun Engiro | Electric construction vehicles
Walsh David 0 184
“Construction sites in urban areas, wheel loaders in the agricultural or food sector, in waste disposal and infrastructure can prevent unnecessary air pollution for people and the environment through the use of electric drives.”  - Engiro We have be..
10 Jun Engiro | Electric Refuse Collection Vehicles
Walsh David 0 163
Electric Refuse Collection VehiclesOver the past few years, we have seen the emergence of all-electric refuse collection vehicles, most recently implemented in our neighbouring city of Sunderland. Adopted on a 24-month trial basis the cities council ..
03 Jun UK Monowheel Team - World Record Attempt
Walsh David 0 207
VoltSport | UK Monowheel Team - Guinness world recordThe UK Monowheel Team approached VoltSport during our world record attempt with Jason Liversidge's 'Worlds fastest wheelchair'. They expressed their interest in converting their previous world rec..
23 Apr Ten point plan for a green industrial revolution
Walsh David 0 115
TEN POINT PLAN FOR A GREEN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION’BUILDING BACK BETTER, SUPPORTING GREEN JOBS, AND ACCELERATING OUR PATH TO NET ZERONovember 2020 saw the UK government release their “ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution”, their aim – “to t..
23 Apr Considering going electric?
Walsh David 0 34
CONSIDERING GOING ELECTRIC?THE BENEFITS OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES.Electric vehicles are ‘zero-emissions’ vehicles, especially in relation to their combustion and hybrid alternatives that produce smoke or carbon emissions when driving; fully electric vehic..
Walsh David 0 176
ME1507 AND ME1616 - THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR SMALLER VEHICLE APPLICATIONS.Intended for integration into Motorbikes, Quadbikes or scooters these Drive Kits are a perfect all-in-one solution for converting your vehicle to electric. The kits will contain ..
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