• Parker GVM 210

The Parker GVM (Global Vehicle Motor) series comes from a company with more than 40 years experience in the design and manufacturing of drives, controls, motors and mechanical products. With dedicated global product development teams, Parker draws on industry-leading technological leadership and experience from engineering teams in Europe, North America and Asia. PMAC servomotors offer the best solution to meet the requirements of vehicle duty performance. The torque density and speed capabilities of Parker Permanent Magnet AC motors (PMAC) combined with a voltagematched inverter provide the speed and torque required to achieve breakthrough performance in a variety of vehicle platforms. The GVM is a powerful choice for both on and off-road vehicles, engineered for Traction, Electro-hydraulic Pumps (EHP) and auxiliary applications. The GVM motor line has been designed to be used in a wide variety of vehicle applications including; construction vehicles, refuse truck, city buses, street sweeper, motorcycles and scooters, light commercial vehicles and watercraft.

Recommended Applications:

  • Electric motors/generators for hybrid applications
  • Electric motors for motorbikes, scooters...
  • Traction applications
  • Electro-hydraulic pumps for high power cylinders
  • Electric power steering
  • Auxiliary applications as fan/compressors for air conditioning

Ingress Protection:

The Parker GVM Series comes with an IP67 rating as standard, providing total protection against dust ingress and protection against water ingress during temporary immersion in shallow water.


Resolver and Sin/Cos encoder feedback are available along with a temperature PTC / KTY84 sensor.

Continuous Current (A)
Continuous Output Power (kW)
Maximum Speed (RPM)
Maximum Torque (Nm)
Maximum Voltage (V)
Minimum Voltage (V)
Peak Current (A)
Peak Output Power (kW)
Peak Torque (Nm)
Speed Sensor Type
Temperature Sensor Type

Parker GVM 210

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