• Heinzmann PMS80

The Heinzmann PMS standard-versions are double-sided, offering higher torque and power compared to the single-sided versions with only slightly greater length. Their patented rotor technology ensures a low inertial torque, making them well suited for dynamic applications. A small overall size and a flat shape go along with reduced weight, whilst offering efficient and quiet operation with outputs of up to 25 kW, torques up to 59 Nm and speeds up to 6000rpm. The motor does not include any wearing parts such as brushes or collectors, that way ensuring a longer service life and freedom from maintenance, which also considerably reduces service and replacement costs.

Recommended Applications:

The range of applications for Heinzmann PMS motors includes:

  • Traction drive for electric vehicles, boats, motorbikes and scooters
  • Pump and fan applications
  • Drive for auxiliary generators in vehicles
  • Servo motors for drive functions in axially limited spaces
  • Drives for production lines

Ingress protection:

As standard, PMS motors are IP54 protected, providing protection against dust such that it will not interfere with the operation of the motor and protected against water splashes from any angle. Higher degrees of protection are available on request.


Options for motor feedback include:

  • Two-pin resolver
  • Digital Hall probe
  • Analogue Hall probe with sin/cos output
  • KYT84-130 temperature sensor optional PTC
Continuous Current (A)
Continuous Output Power (kW)
Maximum Speed (RPM) 6000
Maximum Torque (Nm)
Maximum Voltage (V) 48
Minimum Voltage (V) 24
Peak Current (A)
Peak Output Power (kW) 1.25
Peak Torque (Nm)
Speed Sensor Type
Temperature Sensor Type PTC - KTY84

Heinzmann PMS80

  • Brand: Heinzmann
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PMS80
  • Availability: In Stock

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