• Custom Battery Monitor Display

This touch interface 4.3” colour display provides Battery management functionality for lithium and lead battery systems. Designed to be panel mounted inside the yacht, this enables the sailor to quickly see all battery system information on a single screen. Instantaneous current, battery voltage, and state of charge estimates. Other screens include the detailed information about a lithium battery, and a historic chart which shows the SOC, current, and voltage over the last hour. Cabin temperature can be monitored, with fan control for engine room ventilation, and support of external warning lights included.


Custom Display Brochure(PDF)

Custom Battery Monitor Display

  • Brand: VoltSport Ltd.
  • VoltSport Part Number: 011-002-001
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 011-002-001
  • Availability: In Stock
Bespoke Product. Please enquire.

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