VoltSport | UK Monowheel Team - Guinness world record

The UK Monowheel Team approached VoltSport during our world record attempt with Jason Liversidge's 'Worlds fastest wheelchair'. They expressed their interest in converting their previous world record holding Onewheel, Warhorse!

Of course, our interest peaked and we begun discussing the possibilities with the team and worked closely with them in preperation for the Straightliners event on the 16th May 2021. With estimations made and equipment selected, VoltSport began installing the components and this is where everything began looking exciting!

The 16th of May came around quickly and we transported Warhorse to Elivington Airfield, York to meet up with UK Monowheel Team. The monowheel had been with Voltsport for the pass 2 weeks, although everyone was eager for the record attempt, there was still plenty to be done.
The morning began with the preperation of the wheel, Phil finished tweaking the motor controller as the team replaced the outerwheel for one in better condition.

With the new wheel fitted, the team were able to focus on seat placement. This was suprisingly challenging for the team as they need to consider the placement of the batteries and wanted to ensure maximum comfort for the driver, after all... he is the one going full throttle, so he will need full confidence.

With the maintenance and tweaking taken care of, it was time for the first run of the day.
Luckily the weather was holding out really well on the airfield, with only the surrounding areas being hit by the rainfall; providing great conditions for a fast run, the team was excited to move out to the runway.

Although a smooth and relatively fast run, it did highlight some problems.

Firstly, the batteries were getting quite hot so the vehicle needed sometime to cool down before the next run.

As feared from the setup in the moring, the speedometer was not registering accurate speed so the rider, Mark would have to rely on his instincts and come off the throttle when he felt it was appropriate.

The biggest problem that was highlighted though was the severe degradation of the inner drive wheel. The outer wheel was quite rapidly chipping at the rubber which would create an unsafe riding condition for the rider if the rubber ran out.
The onewheel requires a keen sense of balance, adding faulty gear to the mix would not be wise.

The team was disappointed to discover this as there was no spare avialable, after close analysis they determined there was considerable amount of rubber left; this would allow them one more attempt.

One-shot at the world record and Mark was determined to make it count!

Giving time for the batteries to charge and cool, the team ensured everything was prepared for the run.

In the meantime, we had our fingers crossed that the weather would hold out.

Mark informed Guinness of the one-attempt they were going to try while the team moved Warhorse towards to runway.

Warhorse was attempting a speed record for a 100m flying start - speed record.

Anticipation was in the air as Warhorse awaited clearance for heading down the runway.

But the run went smoothly and Warhorse managed to clock in at 61.278mph!

The team is full of wits, enthusiasm and passion... it was so good seeing them achieve their goal and we know that they will only come back stronger!

Congratulations to Kevin Scott, Mark Foster, Peter Kay, Tim Mann, Peter Orton, Tim Brown!

If you would like to see what a day like this looks like form the teams perspective then click here and head over to VoltSport's YouTube channel. It was a pleasure working with such an ambitious team and I'm sure they'll be more to come... keep your eye out!