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Trials Bike Kit

VoltSport has created a complete, ready to install, drive kit that is ideal for trial bikes.

Kit includes: 
- Motor
- Motor controller
- Throttle
- Contactor
- Wiring.


The kit utilises a Motenergy ME1304A 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap, otherwise known as PMAC motor. Maximum rotor speed of 5000 rpm.


This kit is designed with a Sevcon gen 4 size 6 (80v) controller. The unit is air cooled and offers one of the most compact solutions for a motor controller of its power band. The Gen 4 Size 6 (80V) variant can provide a peak current output of 550A. The unit supports regenerative braking to reduce power consumption. 


This kit also includes a Domino twist throttle. This throttle has a microswitch integrated, which can be connected as brake cut off and/or regenerative braking. The potentiometer can be configured in a 2 or three wire mode outputting either 0-5K or 5K-0 ohm.


Albright SU80 is an up-rated version of the SW80P Contactor designed for Interrupted and Uninterrupted loads and sealed to IP66.

Sold seperately:
Sevcon DVT Software & IXXAT Dongle
The IXXAT dongle is required to communicate with Sevcon Motor Controllers using their specialist calibration software, no other communications dongles can be used.

The IXXAT USB to CAN Compact Interface allows communication between devices on a CAN bus and configuration tools on a PC or MAC. Widely used in industry and compatible with many standard configuration programs.


DVT Software:

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