Sevcon’s Gen5 Size9 is a highly adaptable solution for PMAC and induction motor control applications. This compact design can be integrated into the most challenging installations.

The motor controller is capable of running up to 400V input and can provide a peak current output of 400A.

The High Voltage Gen5 range of motor controllers are suitable for applications including:

  • Automotive applications including cars, bikes and scooters.
  • High-powered automotive applications in construction and commercial sectors. This includes construction vehicles such as wheel-loaders and forklifts.
  • Marine applications – These motor controllers are implementable into marine drive systems.
  • Control applications – pump, traction, generator applications.


  • Separate operating modes allow for the unit to act as a fully-fledged VCU master or as a simple torque slave unit.
  • Specifically designed with a high level of functional safety in mind.

The Size 9 offers advanced flux vector control for minimal power consumption, increasing the systems efficiency. The battery power consumption is reduced through regenerative braking – increasing efficiency of the application. 

Torque Conditioner

The Gen5 Size9’s versatility is due to the torque conditioner capabilities.
The torque conditioner allows you to configure, tune, and adjust torque demand such that speed, torque, DC link current, DC link voltage, acceleration, and thermal cutback limits (When either the motor or controller is hot, the maximum torque is reduced) are not exceed.

Torque Conditioner General Workflow

Gen5 is structured around a three-step process:

 1. Configure: Set up how you want the system to work. Example: Use speed regulation, but no DC Link Voltage regulation.

 2. Tune: Set the values so the system quickly and accurately follows your commands. Example: Set the regulator gains.

 3. Adjust: Set values to give the right drive feel. Example: Set the torque input ramp rates to avoid jerks. 

In traditional systems, you often tune to achieve drive feel. This makes tuning a system much more difficult. The torque conditioner is set up to separate these activities as much as possible. Once the system is well-tuned, you adjust properties to change the feel. For example, de-tuning a speed loop to achieve a better feel is almost always the wrong choice.

Ingress Protection:

The Sevcon Gen5 range is IP66 rated, providing total protection against dust ingress and protection against water ingress during high-powered pressure washing.


The Gen5 supports Configuration, calibration, control and status monitoring over a CAN bus – using an IXXAT CAN to USB with Sevcon DVT software.

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