A high-power versatile motor controller, 3-phase DC to AC inverter platform equipped with current sensors, drivers, and DC link capacitors. The system is optimized for the electrification of commercial drive trains.

The SKAI 45 system contains an integrated controller, compatible with hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. Designed to operate with battery voltages from 24v-800v, output power ratings 10-250kVA.

The motor control software, QUASAR is based on a field-orientated closed-loop control system. QUASER receives input commands from a central controller via CAN bus and converts this precisely into speed or torque for the control of the motor – systems available with or without software.

The system is enclosed in an IP67 rated enclosure together with all the power terminals for motor and battery connection as well as signal interfaces for CAN communication, analogue and digital I/Os and auxiliary power supply.

Motor temperature sensors and sensors for angular and motor speed feedback (encoder, resolver) can be directly interfaced to the SKAI.
Suitable environmental conditions in accordance with ISO 16750-(B,F)-N-K-D-Z-IP(6K7;6K9K).

For a more in-depth look at the system click here (pdf download)

The Semikron SKAI 45 is a frequent choice for VoltSport’s high-power commercial applications – This heavy-duty, versatile piece of machinery has been implemented into a range of buses, trucks, trains, electric power take-off and hydraulic pump systems.
VoltSport can assist by designing and developing the drive-train to the customers specifications – pairing it with the appropriate motors to complete your system.

With a broad range of applications, these vehicle power systems are designed with the latest automotive and system qualification standards in mind.

A hydraulic pump system designed with a Semikron SKAI 45 and Engiro motor for a commercial electric vehicle project.


VoltSport are experts in the design and integration of electric vehicle systems – using our commercial sector experience we can focus on performance and efficiency, providing our services to help meet your projects specifications.
From pre-production to aftercare, VoltSport will be available to help all the way! ensuring we meet project deadlines, and our performance goals are achieved.


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