Well, they did it!

Rolls Royce and YASA are awaiting confirmation from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) for 3 official records in the Group 6: Electric.

It is looking positive for the records to be approved but time will tell.

The record represents a positive, greener future for the aviation industry. “this is another milestone that will help make ‘jet zero’ a reality and supports our ambitions to deliver the technology breakthroughs society needs to decarbonise transport across air, land and sea” - Warren East, CEO, Rolls Royce*.


Achievements of this nature are beneficial to the evolution of technology. The government backing on projects like this demonstrate the UK’s desire to “unlock cleaner, greener aircraft which will allow people to fly as they do now, but in a way that cuts emissions”- Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of United Kingdom*.


Propelled by a 400kW (500+hp) powertrain and the most power-dense propulsion battery pack ever assembled in aerospace – the aircraft achieved a speed of 345.5mph over 3 kilometers, 330mph over 15 kilometers and broke the fastest time to climb to 3000 metres by 60 seconds with a time of 202 seconds.


Decarbonisation of our aviation industry was a focus of the ‘Ten Point Plan to a Green Industrial Revolution’ – the governments investment in ambitious projects like this one represent a true desire to embrace electrification and move towards a sustainable future.


Here at VoltSport, we waited eagerly to see what performance the ACCEL (Acceleration of Electrification of Flight) initiative and Rolls Royce would produce. Their partnership never lost faith and it is evidenced in their performance.
A great representation of the team’s ability and the performance potential of YASA motors and Sevcon motor controllers.


For an interesting insight into the project, have a read of the press releases from Rolls Royce or head over to their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd-RDX1IjuM

Quotes and imagery taken from Rolls Royce press releases on the maiden voyage and official record attempt, take a look