Electrifcation takes flight

The ‘Spirit of Innovation’ has taken its maiden voyage – a trial flight of 15 minutes ahead of its scheduled Guinness World Record attempt. The all-electric airplane is a result of the partnership between the renowned jet engine manufacturers Rolls-Royce and electric-motor innovators YASA.

The aircraft looks to reach speeds of over 300 mph through its three-motor powertrain that currently delivers 400kW (500-plus horsepower). To achieve this, the propellor-driven plane has been equipped with the “most power-dense battery pack ever assembled for an aircraft” – Warren East, Rolls Royce CEO*.

They are confident they will break the current world record of 213mph – set by Siemens in 2017.

VoltSport was able to supply the ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight) initiative with the Sevcon Gen4 Size10. Using our experience with Sevcon controllers and YASA motors, we were able to provide our assistance in calibrating the aircraft.

It is exciting to assist Rolls Royce in championing electrification. This project is not only impressive but an important step forward in the reduction of carbon emissions produced by our aviation industry.

“Focused on producing the technology breakthroughs society needs to decarbonise transport across air, land and sea, and capture the economic opportunity of the transition to net zero. This is not only about breaking a world record; the advanced battery and propulsion technology developed for this programme has exciting applications for the Urban Air Mobility market and can help make ‘jet zero’ a reality” – Warren East *

*Quotes and imagery taken from Rolls Royce press release on the maiden voyage, check it out!