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Motenergy ME1716 Motor

The Motenergy ME1716 motor
A brushless 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap, otherwise known as PMSM motor. Its brushless design requires no maintenance.

Commutation is achieved by an internal Sine/Cosine speed sensor, an input voltage of 24-72 VDC, 100 amps continuous, up to 300 amps for 30 seconds.

1) Designed for 24 - 96 VDC battery operated equipment
2) Set for 100 amps continuous
3) Maximum rotor speed 5500rpm
4) Torque: 9.5Nm
5) Internal temperature sensor equivalent to the KTY84-130
6) Internal Sine/cosine position sensor
7) Weight: 20.5 pounds

These patented axial flux motors are designed to work with sinusoidal (sine wave) controllers such as the Sevcon Gen4. 

NOTE: We do not recommend the use of square wave controllers with these motors. This may reduce the durability and efficiency of the motor, as well as void the warranty.

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