HVLP 10 & HVLP 20

The HVLP 10 and HVLP 20 – High voltage low power AC motor controllers. They are designed to control 3-phase AC induction motors and permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors in battery and generator power applications.

Measured phase currents and current demands are used as part of a closed-loop control system to calculate the necessary voltage demands for each phase of the motor.

The HVLP-10/20 motor controller can be used in many applications for auxiliary motor control, such as:

                 Agricultural (tractors and implements)

                 Light trucks

                 Hybrid/electric Buses



HVLP 10 vs HVLP 20

The differences between the HVLP 10 and HVLP 20 include the cooling method and output motor phase current.
The HVLP 20 is an air-cooled system, equipped with heatsinking fins for improved ventilation. Whereas the HVLP 10 relies on liquid cooling, equipped with 2 coolant hose tails.


Both motor controllers have identical operating voltage ranges at full current 200V to 800V. However, the output motor phase current is where the differences occur:

  **BCM = Bus clamping modulation


Alpha vs Beta

Each model offers an Alpha or Beta variant – Both variants do the same functional job with some differences.
Please note:


Different firmware (.dldx) files are needed for Alpha and Beta variants.

HVIL Hardware

The Beta variant does not generate HVIL excitation but is capable of monitoring a HVIL loop. As HVLP is intended to drive auxiliary systems it is typical that there will already be a HVIL excitation generator on the vehicle.

DC Link capacitors

While the HVLP-Alpha version has electrolytic capacitors in series and parallel formation with 450μF equivalent capacitive value. The HVLP-Beta version is equipped with improved performance film capacitors in parallel formation with equivalent capacitive value of 120μF.

AB and UVW Capacitors

The HVLP-Alpha encoder circuitry (AB and UVW) requires complimentary signal compatible encoders. This means the motor encoder must output 4 signals for AB: A, A\, B and B\ and 6 for UVW.

This is no longer required in HVLP-Beta, meaning any existing encoder wiring (when changing from Alpha) must be changed accordingly. Only single ended AB or UVW signals are required.

User I/O

The Alpha variant only supports differential AB and UVW inputs whereas the Beta variant they are single ended. Also, in the Beta variant the sin/cos encoder inputs were shared with the AB encoder inputs.

Improvements in HVLP-Beta

1. The logic supply storage capacitor was increased in value, to allow the unit to operate during 10ms power outage of the KL30 supply

2. An additional motor thermistor input was added, so 2 external thermistors can be used with HVLP-Beta

3. The two analogue supply outputs were redesigned to improve stability

4. The off-state current (with KL15 low) was reduced to below 1mA for HVLP Beta

5. HVLP Beta is manufactured using lead-free solder