Advanced Drive Solutions

VoltSport are proud suppliers of Engiro GmbH, located in Aachen, Germany. The technology leaders are respected developers of highly efficient, electric motors, and powertrain solutions.

With over 20 years experience Engiro are dedicated to a sustainable future – aware of the shifting commercial landscapes, they offer high power electric solutions for the increasing needs of our worlds industries.

Their machinery has been implemented into navy, utility vehicles, industry, automotive and aviation applications – their versatility makes them a strong choice for system integrations and OEM's.




Alongside two institutions at RWTH Aachen University and other industrial partners, Engiro has partnered alongside Ford for HaPiPro2.

A project with the aim to develop flexible and sustainable production of electric motor components along a single production line.

A positive move for the industry as this 5.3 million euro invested project should result in the production of the components becoming cheaper.


Interactive Graphs

Boasting 102 motor variants and rising, it can be hard to decide if Engiro is the right choice for your application.
VoltSport are proud suppliers of the brands catalogue and have been involved in many successful integrations of the machinery – including marine, HGV, and construction applications.

In order to make the choice easier for our clients, we've developed our interactive graphs. Displaying the Torque and Speed capabilities, segmenting each motor into their power range.

Head over to Engiro Motors on the VoltSport website to browse through the interactive graphs and see what motors are the appropriate choice for your application

Still not sure? send an enquiry to info@voltsport.co.uk  and we can help design the perfect drive system for your commerical applications.
We are able to supply all of Engiro's products, meaning we can always find a solution to your electrification needs.

With their focus on ultra-efficiency and compact proprietary e-drives, Engiro can be your solution for system integrations or original equipment manufacturing – marine, traction and hydraulic applications. 

Discover the possibilities of Engiro, with VoltSport