“Construction sites in urban areas, wheel loaders in the agricultural or food sector, in waste disposal and infrastructure can prevent unnecessary air pollution for people and the environment through the use of electric drives.”  - Engiro

We have been thinking about the UK industries and the impact of the Governments ‘Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ – by 2030 all petrol/diesel engine sales will be halted. Construction vehicles such as excavators and wheel loaders can expect around a ten-year lifespan – will 2040 see the decline in popularity of conventional construction vehicles as we know it?

We are already seeing companies such as Volvo CE – Volvo’s construction division – make the commitment to electric for their smaller construction vehicles.

Production of diesel engine-based compact wheel-loaders and excavators is too be halted in favour of their electric counterparts. Pictured below is their all-electric L25 - compact wheel-loader.

There is a major key-factor that is leading to the emergence of these vehicle types becoming more popular in the construction industry, and that is the impressive developments we are seeing in battery power. Both in power output and manufacturing.

The L25 compact wheel-loader has an expected battery-life of up to 8 hours – with off-board charging time of 2 hours (400 VAC 32A).
Already an impressive feat and this technology will only improve as companies such NorthVolt continue to receive billions in investment into their green technologies.

VoltSport | Engiro

Engiro motors can supply motors up to 340kW for construction machines. These can be connected to planetary gears or used for direct differential propulsion. The requirements of ISO 20653 are particularly high in this regard, which is why all Engiro motors meet the IP 6K9K protection class.

Typically, the diesel engine motor will be replaced with an electric Engiro motor, the hydraulic circuit will be maintained.

VoltSport can help design a bespoke system for your vehicles requirement – providing Engiro motors from 48v to 700v and a power range of up to 120kW.
Different flanges can be provided, depending what pump sizes need to be directly mounted.

Take a look at the ENGIRO 370W-29014 – capable of vehicle applications up to 18 tons.

Our expertise in design creates a world of possibilities when it comes to the application of electric systems on construction sites.
There are long-term financial benefits of EV’s in comparison to their diesel counterparts – low running costs and lack of maintenance will regain initial investment and increase the profitability of your business.

Let’s talk about the possibilities, fill out our vehicle enquiry form and we will show you what we can achieve with the power of electric.