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Trials Bike Kit

VoltSport has created a complete, ready to install, drive kit that is ideal for trial bikes.

Kit includes: 
- Motor
- Motor controller
- Throttle
- Contactor
- Wiring.


The kit utilises a Motenergy ME1304A 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap, otherwise known as PMAC motor. Maximum rotor speed of 5000 rpm.


This kit is designed with a Sevcon gen 4 size 6 (80v) controller. The unit is air cooled and offers one of the most compact solutions for a motor controller of its power band. The Gen 4 Size 6 (80V) variant can provide a peak current output of 550A. The unit supports regenerative braking to reduce power consumption. 


This kit also includes a Domino twist throttle. This throttle has a microswitch integrated, which can be connected as brake cut off and/or regenerative braking. The potentiometer can be configured in a 2 or three wire mode outputting either 0-5K or 5K-0 ohm.


Albright SU80 is an up-rated version of the SW80P Contactor designed for Interrupted and Uninterrupted loads and sealed to IP66.

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