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Dayboat Electric Drive System

Dayboat drive system

Ideal for Dayboats and smaller yachts, Voltsport has created a complete, ready to install electric drive system. Our belt drive units offer 2.7:1 reduction or 2.4:1 reduction which means you can match the drive to suit the RPM of the existing propeller of your boat.

The electric drive offers big advantages at low speed motoring. The reduction in noise makes gliding around marinas easier, and the ability to “tick over” all the way down to 0RPM with full torque means that the days of engaging and disengaging the drive on a small diesel are behind you!

The motor has a built-in cooling fan and is best running at a higher RPM when cruising. 3000 to 3500RPM is ideal. The torque and power on the output shaft is shown below:

Continuous running: 1100RPM, 40Nm, 4.7kW / 6HP to the propeller.

Peak power: 1100RPM, 90Nm, 10.3kW / 14HP to the propeller

If running beyond the continuous power for extended times, then additional fan cooling can be fitted to extend the power of the motor. The mounting includes space for these to be fitted.

This system typically uses the ME1117 motor, but this can be changed to suit your projects requirements. As it is a system, it is plug-and-play.

The motenergy ME1117 is an air-cooled single stator motor, configured to run in speed control mode, so that the throttle responds in the same way as a standard diesel engine.

This system uses the Motenergy range of motors.

- Mounting, which can be drilled to fit into existing mountings
- Belt reduction
- Motenergy ME1117 Motor
- Gen4 Size2 48V Motor controller
- Contactor. 
The system uses a 25mm layshaft which makes connecting to your existing propeller and prop shaft easy.

We have several options for throttles, with the easiest being a simple conversion of the Teleflex side mount throttle, or the popular Curtis ET range. Have a look at the accessories or give us a call to discuss!

The mounting is designed to be drilled to suit existing installations, or alternatively we can supply mountings to be compatible with existing mounting points, complete with compact vibration mounts.

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