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Dragon8 96V 330A

The Sevcon Dragon8 provides a highly adaptable solution for motor control applications. Using technologies based on the ever popular Sevcon Gen4 range, the Dragon8 is air cooled and offers one of the most compact solutions for a motor controller of its power band. The 96V variant can provide a peak current output of 330A. The unit supports regenerative braking to reduce power consumption. A fully isolated logic and IO circuit allows for total separation of the high and low power system buses to improve safety and reliability. 

Recommended Applications:

The Dragon8 range of motor controllers can be used across a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Ideal for traction applications such as motorbikes, city cars, fork lift trucks and light commercial vehicles.
  • Separate operating modes allow for the unit to act as a fully fledged VCU master or as a simple torque slave unit.
  • Sevcon Pump Application technology allows the unit to drive a pump motor.
  • Specialist support for safety-critical power steer applications.


The Dragon8 supports configuration, calibration, control and status monitoring over a CAN bus using the industry standard CANopen protocol. In order to support a wide range of applications, the unit is able to be configured as either an NMT master or slave device.

Dragon8 controllers can be configured to support limited compatibility with a J1939 bus.

Sevcons propitiatory "H" and "I" protocols can be used to drive and monitor IO and motor demands.

To take full advantage of the features of CAN communication on a Sevcon product, an IXXAT CAN to USB device with Sevcon DVT Software subscription will be required.

Ingress Protection:

The Sevcon Dragon8 range is IP66 rated, providing total protection against dust ingress and protection against water ingress during high powered pressure washing.

Motor Support:

The Dragon8 range provides support for the following motor types:

  • PMAC
  • Induction machine

Encoder Support:

The Dragon8 range provides support for the following sensor types:

  • AB
  • UVW
  • Sin/Cos
  • Resolver


Power connections are made through M8 terminal posts. This includes the DC link from a battery or other source via a fuse (mounted on-board) and 3-phase output to the motor.

Signal connections are made through a 23-Way Ampseal connector. Signal connections include:

  • 1x Encoder connection (power supply and signal connections)
  • 1x CAN bus connection (termination available)
  • Up to 6x Configurable digital inputs (3 shared with UVW encoder input)
  • Up to 4x Configurable analogue inputs (2 shared with sin/cos encoder input)
  • 2x Configurable contactor driver outputs
  • 1x Thermistor input
  • 5V and 10V power supply outputs rated for 200mA supply each


Datasheet (PDF)

Motor Controller
Minimum Supply Voltage (V) 36
Nominal Supply Voltage (V) 96
Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 139
Peak Current (A) 330
Boost Current (A) 300
Continuous Current (A) 110

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