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Direct drive “wide beam canal boat” kit

Direct drive “wide beam canal boat” kit

For those who prefer a gear less system, we have a great high torque low speed solution that is ideal for larger wide beam canal boats, and other installs that need a little more power than can be offered from the standard kit with the 205W_08016 motor. Another silent running kit, using the Engiro 205W motor range, this is a sophisticated, powerful and reliable water-cooled option that integrates well with the Gen4 controller range.

The middle system is our “canal boat” kits. This kit is ideal for cruising up and down the canals in silence. Equally suitable for other craft, this is a water-cooled system that provides high efficiency and silence in a 48V solution.

We have a range of batteries which are ideal for this application, and we can supply more details on request.

The motor is a low speed, high torque machine. The torque and power on the output shaft is shown below:

Continuous running: 1000RPM, 220Nm, 23kW / 30HP to the propeller.

Peak power is a massive: 1500RPM, 160Nm, 46kW / 61.7HP to the propeller

To run at or beyond the continuous figures, a decent cooling system is needed. Efficient keel cooling of the controller and motor is required, and a water glycol cooling system should be used with this motor.

The motor we use is the Engrio 205W_12202. This is a high efficiency low speed motor, configured to run in speed mode so that the throttle responds in the same way as a standard diesel engine.

This kit uses the Engiro range of motors.


- Engiro 205W_12202 Motor
- 2 Gen4 Size6 48V Motor controllers
- Contactor. 

We have several options for throttles, with the easiest being a simple conversion of the Teleflex side mount throttle, or the popular Curtis ET range. Have a look at the accessories or give us a call to discuss!

The motor will need to be mounted using a suitable thrust bearing.

Sold seperately:
Sevcon DVT Software & IXXAT Dongle
The IXXAT dongle is required to communicate with Sevcon Motor Controllers using their specialist calibration software, no other communications dongles can be used.

The IXXAT USB to CAN Compact Interface allows communication between devices on a CAN bus and configuration tools on a PC or MAC. Widely used in industry and compatible with many standard configuration programs.


DVT Software:

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