VoltSport Systems

Specialising in design and integration of electric drive systems

An electric propulsion system has, at its core, only a few components. This includes energy storage, propulsion power, and system control. We use high efficiency motor controllers, which are well matched to the propulsion motor, providing reliable, efficient propulsion. We can work with existing throttles, or provide fly by wire alternatives.

5kW Kit

We include a matched controller and motor pair, calibrated to run with your choice of throttle unit. Whilst designed for small yachts, this kit is equally suitable for go-carts, small ev conversions, and other projects. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, and we can tailor a kit for you!

5kW kit full fact sheet

10kW Kit

The same as our 5kW kit, but upgrading the motor to a 10kW continuous, 20kW peak motor.


Built with the same components as our 5kW kit, this reliable saildrive conversion kit includes everything to mount onto your existing installation, without needing to modify the yacht. Please contact us to discuss mounting to your saildrive.

VSD10 full fact sheet