About VoltSport Ltd.

Based in the UK, we specialise in the design and integration of electric drive systems.

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VoltSport is located in Newcastle Gateshead UK

VoltSport Ltd. Location


We are based in Newcastle / Gateshead; North East region of England, United Kingdom.

We run our operations in the UK, but can distribute our products & services around Europe.

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What is VoltSport?

VoltSport Ltd. is a UK based business offering distribution of motor controllers; the design and innovation in electrification of propulsion systems.

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Extra Resource for your project

We can bring extra resource to your project. Core development skills include embedded control system development, including both electronics and software.

Sevcon Registered Distributor

VoltSport Ltd. is a recognised distributor for Sevcon products. Let us purchase and integrate your new Sevcon products with expertise you can trust.